Hydraulic systems and special hydraulic stations industry are widely used of different industrial activities. Sectors such as mining, industrial systems, automotive, shipbuilding, lifting equipment, machinery and aviation equipment are unthinkable in existence without these special hydraulic systems that serve the majority of the production in these cases.

What constitutes a special hydraulic station?

By their nature, hydraulic stations and systems are very different and serve different needs, such as air supply, lifting activity, sticking and punching, and many other things. But their device is close in principle to the building. Typically, a station with a hydraulic character consists of: one or a couple of pumps, a reservoir for storing the fluid (the fluid is the main power generator in case), engine or even called unit by unit, hydraulic components (distributors, valves, cylinders, blocks and etc.), filters and cooler (maintain the required operating temperature of the liquid in the station).

Primary structure of the hydraulic stations use two kinds of pumps, depending on the nature of the work station. One type are pumps with constant flow and the other pumps with variable flow. The former are useful for constant drives and simple movements with reciprocating character, while the latter are intended for stations with more complex functional activity.